Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Make your leather bags last longer

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Investing in an expensive #leather_bag is easy, but to make them last a long time it's imperative to maintain them well.

A good protection cream and usage of different pouches for your make-up and lotions, are some habits that help in a long life for your leather bag. 

Rashi Menda, CEO and Founder at Zapyle, an online marketplace for premium fashion, and Bhavya Chawla, Chief Stylist at e-commerce portal Voonik, have some tips to share:

* Prevention: Caring for your leather tote starts from day one - use a good protection cream or treatment at least once every two to three months. This prevents staining, grease penetration and so many more issues later on.

* Always keep your leather bag in an upright position in their dust bags or a cotton pillowcase. Make sure never to store them in plastic or vinyl, because these tend to trap moisture inside. 
Stuff your bags with something to keep the shape intact - scarves, sweaters, or acid-free tissue paper, or a handbag inserted work well.

* Baby wipes, vinegar and other do-it-yourself tricks for stain removal are not good news for your bag. Many of these products have chemicals and substances in them that can cause colour damage, dry the leather out, create a build up of grease and cause so many other problems. 

For ink marks, take your bag to a professional, but if that's not possible, try a special ink-removing product for leather and follow the care instructions, making sure to condition the area afterwards and leave to dry properly. 

* Always store your cosmetics and liquids in pouches so as to prevent spills and keep your bag organised to boot. Put those pens in a pouch too.

* Routine maintenance: If you've just slathered yourself in hand cream, keep your bag a good distance from you unless you want grease stains. If you get a grease stain of any kind, simply wipe it off without using water. 

* Most labels have an in-house leather care range, so always find out about it at the time of purchasing. Some bags have precious metals or associated ones, so it's always wise to enquire from the store how to clean the accessories separately.

* Air out your leather bag in the sun, especially after a rainy day or winter in general.

* Leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof; some experts suggest applying a coat of beeswax on it though it could reduce the original shine of the leather bag.

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