Friday, 9 June 2017

My fiance my most honest critic, says Kirsten Dunst

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Actress #Kirsten_Dunst says she relies on her fiance, actor Jesse Plemons, for the most honest criticism of her work.

Dunst's mother Inez Dunst finds it hard to separate her daughter from her big screen characters, so the actress always goes to Plemons for a balanced feedback, reports

"My mom does not love everything I do! It's not that she doesn't love it... But it's too personal for her. She can't disassociate between her daughter and the actress on screen. I have a few good critics. I never do a movie that everyone will like," Dunst told Prestige Hong Kong magazine.

"My brother will like one, my mom liked another. To me, I guess my fiance is the most neutral, I'd trust his opinion the most... In the past, the reviews were hard. 
"When you work on something for long, when I was younger, I'd take criticism to heart. Now with experience and the maturity, I'm not letting that bother me," she added.
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