Thursday, 15 June 2017

'Phullu' actor wonders why people make menstruation a taboo

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Actor #Sharib_Hashmi, who plays the lead character in the film #Phullu which is about sanitary pad awareness, says he does not have any discomfort in talking about menstruation and he wonders why people become apprehensive in discussing a natural physical process.

Asked if he ever felt any discomfort acting in the film, Sharib told here: "When the script came to me, I was just blown away by the idea. So, I immediately thought of doing the film. As a man, I have no discomfort to talk about periods. In fact, I wonder why people make a taboo out of it."

The actor is playing a man who makes cheap sanitary napkins and attempts to create awareness about its usage in a small village, and he ends up facing flak from villagers.

As a school-goer, Sharib says he had no idea about a woman's menstrual circles and later in college when he got to know, Sharib felt quite weird to see how society looked down upon talk on the subject.
"I saw people feel as uncomfortable to talk about menstrual cycle as to talk on rape... Which is so wrong. Then I got to know the restrictions that women have to go through during the time. During my growing up days, my elders used to skip the channel when any ads (of sanitary pads) came on TV.

"I got to know about everything later when I went to college, met my girlfriend," added the actor, who had earlier featured in National Award winning film "Filmistaan".

Directed by Abhishek Saxena, "Phullu" is releasing on Friday.

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