Friday, 16 June 2017

Shield hair, feet from monsoon demons

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Love your hair? Then don't think of dancing in the rain. Use minimum #hair_products to keep them healthy, and grab a moisturiser with lactic acid to keep feet soft, say experts.

Vandana Punjabi, dermatologist, cosmetologist, consultant, Nanavati Super Specialist, suggests how to fight hair-related problems like stickiness, greasiness and dandruff. 

♦ Try to keep the number of hair products to a minimum. Try to use only a mild shampoo and conditioners and refrain from the use of hair sprays in particular.

♦ Use a conditioner after every wash but ensure that you apply it more on the hair shaft than the scalp and the roots of your hair.

♦ Keep your hair clean by washing it regularly.

♦ Eat a balanced and protein-rich diet. Make it a point to munch on plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

♦ Monsoon dos: Try out a shorter hairstyle, a hot oil massage once a week is a good option as it keeps the hair nourished.

♦ Monsoon don'ts: Avoid using a hairdryer. In case it is necessary, ensure that your hair is almost dry and hold the dryer more than six inches from your scalp. Avoid exposing your hair to a lot of chemicals. This means that you should refrain from straightening your hair, highlights etc.
♦ Try to avoid getting your hair wet in the rain, especially the initial rain. This is because the rainwater brings down the pollutants from the air and they eventually weaken the shaft bonds making your hair dull and lifeless.

Geeta Fazalbhoy, dermatologist and founder of Skin & You Clinic, Nariman Point, points out that there is a need to take proper care of feet too, especially during monsoon as they will be more prone to fungal attack. 

♦ If you get drenched in rain, treat your skin to a warm water bath and thoroughly dry the body before wearing clothes.

♦ Keep feet clean and dry to avoid fungal infection. Wash feet with a soap bar and use an anti-fungal powder and wear open shoes. Avoid wearing wet socks.

♦ Use moisturiser with lactic acid and glycolic acid to keep feet soft.

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