Thursday, 8 June 2017

Shraddha goes fruit pack way for voluminous hair

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Actress #Shraddha_Kapoor says styling makes her hair extremely dry, and she opts for #fruit_pack to get the sheen back.

"Constantly styling my hair makes it extremely dry and dull, hence I often prefer applying a fruit pack onto those gloomy strands which makes it voluminous and elegantly flowy," Shraddha said in a statement.

Adding to this, she further said that if an oil with some fruit nutrition and aroma is to be introduced, she will be the first person to pick it up. 

According to hair expert Aparna Santhanam, green apple, olive, sweet lime are good for hair care. She tells more: 

* Green apple offers an effective treatment against dandruff. Make a paste using the leaves and skin of dandruff. Use this instead of your normal shampoo. It works effectively against dandruff. Massaging green apple juice on to your scalp regularly is also an effective treatment against dandruff.

It is very effective for better growth of hair, and making your hair strong. It prevents breakage and fights against hair loss.

* A hot oil treatment featuring olive oil will help you gain manageability so your hair is easier to style. Coat your hair in a half cup of olive oil and leaving for 30 minutes can give your hair the moisture it needs to return it to a more manageable state.
If you deal with brittle ends or frizzy curls, then olive oil can help soften your hair, making it more pliable. A natural, deep conditioning treatment of olive oil each week can replace the extra silicone ingredients used in conditioners that give your hair a false feeling of softness for a few hours.

* Sweet lime juice extracts can help in making the hair strong naturally. Before directly applying the juice on hair, strain it to remove any impurities. Use the juice at least once a week for good results. Drinking the juice is also good for the hair.
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