Monday, 5 June 2017

Space saving home decor ideas

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Be smart with storage and the type of #furniture you buy for a small #apartment, say experts.

Pritika Chatterjee, co-founder and CEO of TidyHomz, and Mahima Singh, Visual Merchandiser at Furlenco, share some decor tips. 

* Hang a curtain around your bed. Choose a soothing colour that compliments the walls of the room as well as your bedside lamp shade. This simple trick will make your sleeping space cosy and comfortable.

* Another way to liven up small space is by bringing in smart furniture. In a small space, every single piece of furniture must provide multiple functions. There is a wide variety of multipurpose racks available in the market. 
* Be smart with storage. Use vertical space with floor-to-ceiling shelving for your bare essentials. If you plan to stay longer, use store knick-knacks in wicker baskets or embellished boxes to keep everything clean and organised.

* Invest in a centre table which doubles as a coffee table and when you pull the top up: instant work station. All your documents, books, remote controls or other small stuff can also go into the storage when the table opens up.

* An extendable table is also a perfect idea if you prefer eating on a dining table. You can easily convert a four seater to six seater depending on number of guests at your place.

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