Monday, 12 June 2017

Spending some 'me time' is rejuvenating, says Twinkle Khanna

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#Twinkle_Khanna juggles it all -- being a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author and now becoming a film producer. In this scenario, the multi-talented celebrity says spending some 'me time' becomes a must, which is why she took a rejuvenating trip to Paris.

"It is always nice and rejuvenating to spend some ‘me time'. If not travelling to a different country, maybe going to a spa or a library with books. Taking out time is important where you do not have to please someone, because no matter how much we are pretending to be a super woman, we also need our time," Twinkle told here.

The actress visited Paris on an all-girls trip where hospitality service Airbnb offered them a special tour to live like a Parisian. 

Talking about her experience, Twinkle said: "My idea of making this trip was to spend some time with myself and with friends more than anything else. It's not that I do not go for a vacation or holidays, but as a mother and wife, there are always certain demands that you have to fulfil.

"It often happens that we feel guilty about ourselves whenever we take out some time for us... On this trip, I wanted to feel free from all that."
From exploring local food to taking a photo walk for discovering the rich history and culture of Paris, the mother of two says she lived through the trip like a Parisian.

"That's what I wanted to do, where instead of going to places where tourists go for breakfast, we went to local food outlets where Parisians go. Interacting with locals always gives you a different insight that a tourist guide cannot provide. During the photography session, a French lady was talking about local people, etc," Twinkle, known to the social media world as Mrs Funnybones, said.

What are the foods she enjoyed?

"Though I do not like eating macarons too much, all my friends loved that one variety - salted caramel macaron. So I had to eat that, with them... Yes, I indulged in quite some, so I have come back not only with a baggage but also a little over the weight limit that my body allowed," quipped Twinkle, who is married to National Award winning actor Akshay Kumar.

"Another interesting thing that I have enjoyed is a stand-up comedy act inside the museum where the fellow was telling us jokes about the most important people in the museum. That was the best experience that I can ever have in a museum! I would like to take my son there next time," she said.

Considering the fact that India also has a great cultural history, asked about if such tourism programmes can be offered to foreigners to present India in a creative way, Twinkle said: "Oh, most definitely. Why only foreigners? Even also among local tourists. You see, we have so much history, great monuments, and beautiful architecture. If we can create a more experiential journey for people, even for us places will be more interesting to visit."

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