Friday, 16 June 2017

Tips to keep body odour away this summer

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Conscious of smelly underarms? Well, try mixing antiperspirant with deodorizer or rubbing lemon on your armpits to keep body odour at bay in summer, say experts.

Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop, and Rohit Kumar Agrawal, Founder,, tells how to say no to body odour. 

♦ Ensure general hygiene: Upholding the general sanitation becomes extremely essential in summer which one can ensure by bathing twice a day and mixing antibacterial soap drops in water which will not only help you clean those surplus bacteria and germs off the skin but will also make you feel refreshed even at odd hours.

♦ Mingling some antiperspirant with deodorizer: A deodorant covers the strong smell of sweating but one also needs an antiperspirant to control the extreme sweat during the day. A combination of antiperspirant and deodorizer can do wonders for your skin by making a stoppage for excessive release of sweating.
♦ Carry a perfume/scent: Adding perfumes to your daily regime does not mean to add hygiene but helps in eliminating the foul smell that is caused by the excessive sweat and turns it into an engaging scent. Ideally the perfume should be sprayed on the belly button as it's the part from where the heat radiates which can enhance the scent to overpower the odour.

♦ Essential oils for foot: One should indulge in a habit of using common essential oils especially on feet where the sweat level is usually more. Soothing oils like lavender, peppermint and even pine are extremely helpful in acting as an anti-bacterial mediator. These oils not only give your feet a pleasant fragrance but also keep them nourished.

♦ Rubbing lemon under the arms: Lemon is an effectual ingredient in killing bacteria that are stuck on your skin. You can rub one-half of the lemon for few minutes before wetting it off. You can also use the easy remedy of squeezing a lemon into the bath bucket consistently for few days to reduce the smell.

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