Thursday, 13 July 2017

Celine Dion never afraid to experiment with fashion

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Singer #Celine_Dion says she is not afraid of trying out different types of fashion. She plans her outfits and prefers to choose what resonates on the day.

According to "My heart will go on" hitmaker's stylist Law Roach, all the clothes that Dion can be seen wearing in photographs, belong to her, reports

"The Gucci is very much a new side of her, this experiment with silhouette and embellishment. I can literally bring Celine any silhouette, any colour and she will want to see it on. Some things just don't work, that's the nature of fashion, but she's never afraid to find out. It's never planned, though, we always go with what resonates on the day," Roach said.
"The clothes you see in the picture are all her clothes, she comes to this room to get dressed every day with me. She comes down in the morning, we greet each other, and then based on her mood we'll choose her outfit for the day," Roach added.

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