Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Suniel Shetty And Ramesh Taurani Joins Let Avni Live

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Bollywood actor #SunielShetty along with producer #RameshTaurani has come out in support of a campaign to save man-eating tigress Avni from being killed.

The five-year-old tigress is currently the focus of a hunt for the past two months after she allegedly killed human beings in the lush Pandharkawada forests of Yavatmal in eastern Maharashtra last year.

The Bombay High Court’s Nagpur Bench on Tuesday admitted a PIL that sought a stay on plans to kill Avni and instead capture her alive.

Now Suniel Shetty has urged everyone not to kill the wild beast. He tweeted, “Chasing and killing a mother means risking the lives of young babies, especially when she's not been getting out of the forest & has confined herself to her home, the forest. Our national animal, we must show her respect, respect the forest & let them Live in peace #LetAvniLive”

Tips films head honcho Ramesh Taurani also tweeted, “#Avni - the tigress & her babies on the brink of elimination. They are inside the forest, helped by villagers. Large teams zeroing in on innocent lives. Need all of media to raise it and raise NOW to stop the killing! #LetAvniLive @letavnilive”
According to the petition to save Avni, her killing “would eventually result in the death of her two cubs too, as they are both too young to hunt and survive on their own”.
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